Hi there! Firstly, thanks for visiting this site which will be a platform to share the photos I have taken as well as some of the creative things I have done.

I often get asked how I picked up photography. The usual response “I have no idea.” Perhaps it all started out when mobile phones first had built-in cameras that sparked the interest. Slowly I moved on to a compact point-and-shoot, and ending up with a DSLR. Even now, with just a smart phone, you can get stunning images.

Well, these are just some selections from many of the photos I have taken over the years. I hope you enjoy looking at them.

Brief about Self:
Born in the Year of the Ox and in the month of the Taurus
My Interests – Photography | Music | Audio & Visual Technology |
Web Development Knowledge – Basic HTML | Joomla CMS | WordPress |
[Disclaimer: This is actually the first site that I have done using WordPress platform.]

Freelance services for hire: Photography, Website Development and/or Regular Site Content Updates

If you like what you see, and perhaps I could be of service to you and/or your friends, just continue downwards and find out how you can connect with me.

I’d certainly do my best to deliver.