About Me


I am trained as an IT person, one who knows about things related to computers, websites, and tech gadgets.

Besides that, I also have quite an interest in the creative aspect of things.
One of the few things I enjoy would be music – listening to different genres and playing the drums/cajon or any percussion instrument. I also have (some) fundamental knowledge in audio mixing.

Another of my interest would be photography.

Currently, I am aspiring to be a digital media creator.

If you have a need in any of the areas above, my freelance services are for hire.




I have a Diploma in Internet Computing – Broadband Multimedia, from Temasek Polytechnic.

In my past work experience, I have almost done close to a dozen website developments and revamps.

Joomla and WordPress CMS are the platforms I usually work with.


Literally with zero music background, I tried to join the performing arts CCA back in school.
With unsuccessful auditions left me with few options, I was put into the Angklung  Ensemble.

It was from the exposure I had from the ensemble, that led me to having the interest in music. Especially in the rhythm & percussion segments.

I moved on to picking up learning to play the drum kit and have never looked back since.


I can’t exactly recall how I ended up with this interest. Probably it was when the 2G keypad mobile phones had in-built cameras that got me on it.

It then progressed to a basic point-and-shoot camera. Then upgraded to a Nikon D90 DSLR.

With a smart phone these days, I could also be shooting on the go.